Used Falcon F3K + Covers (Receiver Ready)

This glider is sold. But you can pre-order a new Falcon F3K here.

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A great condition Falcon F3K glider, split wing in a strong layup, built with 4x KST X08 V5.

AUW at 255g with 600mAh Tattu 1S Battery on board. Flies great at this weight in most weather conditions.

The battery on the pictures is included with this lot.

Also, comes with a set of 3 ballast sticks for windy weather – 26g, 47g, 78g, and a full set of protective covers – see the pictures.

There is only a single dent on a right wing leading edge after hitting a leg on landing. Well repaired and tested in flight. The nose cone is slightly scratched in front.

Great competition machine that can spend a lot more hours in the air in the right hands.

Free shipping to your door.

Comes w/o an Rx. FrSky Archer GR6 on the pictures can be added for $35 upon request.


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