Berkut F5J Glider 4m


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Berkut F5J Glider 4m+falcon-f3k-ballast+Falcon DLG Wing Bags & Fuse Cover
Price For All:   $2,620.00


Betkut F5J is a new 4-meter addition to the RC Glider lineup by Flyinger (former High Quality) team.

This glider is an ultimate competition machine, combined the team experience and technology fine tuned in the smaller models.

Berkut F5J is made for competitions. The wing shape and airfoils provide you with great authority for low launches and spot-on landings.

Being a full size 4-meter ship, the airframe breaks down to pack into a 1-meter long case, featuring 4-panel full house wing, 2-piece fuselage, and a removable V-tail.

The front part of the fuselage is 2.4GHz-friendly, so you can easily run your receiver antennas inside for cleaner setup and aesthetic look.

An Ultimate F5J Competition Glider

Berkut F5J is available in various layup versions, made to your needs, for almost any weather conditions:
– Ultralight, to be build just to the FAI F5J weight limit of 1140g
– Light ~1200-1250g
– Regular ~1350-1400g
– Strong ~1550-1600g
– Storm 1700g+

By default, the angle between the central panel and a wing tip is set with the joiner and equals 7°. But you can aslo add some extra joiners with 5° and 9° angles to get the best performance or just to your liking.

Ballast, wing covers, carrying bags are also available.

Recommended Gear for Berkut F5J

  • Flap Servos: KST X10 Mini
  • Aileron Servos: MKS 6100, or KST X08 Plus
  • Integrated Drive System (IDS) for KST X10 Mini, X08 Plus, MKS 6100 or other servos of your choice, for wing installation
  • Tail Servos: KST X08, or A08
  • Motor: XPower F2925/8 Windy 1380kv for regular, windy, storm layups, or XPower F2919/10 Light 1480kv for light and ultralight layup builds
  • Follow manufacturer specs for ESC and Prop for the chosen motor.
  • 30mm spinner of your choice
  • CN-Models D30 allu motormount

You can order Berkut sailplane as a kit to build it yourself or let our team to build it at the factory.

The kit will aslo include the accessories pack that includes control horns, wires and harenesses, mounting bolts, motor mount, 3D-printed wire organisers and servo mounts.

Receiver-Ready can be built with basic plastic servo mounts and music wire pushrods or with reinforced IDS frames and flat pushrods.

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