Joy F5J Glider 2.5m

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Attention! Due to the high order volumes, the lead time for Joy pre-orders is starting from 12 weeks now. Please, be aware of this change while placing your order.

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Joy F5J Tiger Design Receiver-Ready+A Pair of M3x10mm Aluminum Bolts [Blue+Yellow]+M3 Titanium Bolts Rainbow+Joy F5J Ballast Set+Joy F5J Full Covers Set
Price For All:   $1,551.00


Joy is a brand new 2.5-meter F5J glider released at the end of 2021 by the High-Quality team.

Thanks to its wingspan it combines a performance that can be compared to the 4m ships but at the same time plays a part as an entry-level F5J competition model.

Our tests found that Joy can perform on a similar level to the bigger wingspan models in the hands of a skilled pilot. And since the Joy is smaller in size it can be assembled at only 650g AUW in the light layup.

The core of this design is a combination of the low-drag fuselage, AG-series airfoil wing, quality materials, and the experience of the team behind it.

You can choose to purchase the Joy as a kit and build it on your own or choose a Receiver-Ready option instead.

For your convenience, here is a Joy F5J Build Guide

Pro Tip: secure your fuselage hatches with a tape holder to keep them in place under load in flight.

Also, check this RC Groups Thread for more tricks and tips on the build and initial setup from the real world pilots.

Joy F5J Glider Features:

Joy features everything you need for the afternoon thermal soaring as well as any F5J competition:
– Lightweight airframe including an XPS-foam core wing. Can build as light as 615g.
– Low-drag fuselage with two gear access hatches – a traditional in front and an extra one under the wing.
– Single-piece fuselage that is both light and strong and will fit up to 28mm diameter motor in front.
– High aspect ratio polyhedral wing that has great performance in weak thermals and at high speeds while returning from the downwind.
– Ballast enclaves in both wings allow adding weight to your glider when needed. The wing breaks downs into 2 halves and holds in place with sticky tape.
– Pull-cable & torsion spring installation for tail controls for less weight on the tail.
– Fully removable tails. The model breaks down to a 1.30m long box for transportation or storage.

Joy is available in Regular or Light carbon layups, and also in Fiberglass. The fuselage and tails are always carbon-skinned for saving weight and adding stiffness.

The glider kit includes an accessory pack that contains control horns, servo frames, pull cables, cable crimps, bolts, torsions, CNC machined firewall, pushrods, and wing harness pigtails. The other part of the harness comes pre-installed in the wing, so you just plug in your servos after installation and cover them with provided CF patches.

Reccommended Gear (not included)

– 32mm diameter spinner
– CF folding prop
– 28mm dia outrunner
– 2x KST X08/A08 for tails
– 4x KST X08H/A08H for wings
– 7ch Rx

Powertrain Options For Joy F5J (not included)

3S LiPo Pack ~800mAh
– Prop: 10×6;
– Motor: 2830 ~1000kv outrunner
– ESC: 20A+

2S LiPo Pack ~1000mAh
– Prop: 12×6
– Motor: 2836 ~1500kv outrunner
– ESC: 35A+

Recommended Settings

Joy F5J Control Throws and Camber Settings
CG Position At the ballast tube spot in the wing
Rudder +/- 25mm
Elevator +/- 15mm
Ailerons +/- 14mm (Ail to Flap: +/- 6mm)
Cruise Flat bottom of the wing (0mm)
Speed 1-3mm up
Thermal 1 3mm down
Thermal 2 8mm down
Brakes Flaps: 25-30mm down, Ailerons: 15mm down or 7mm up

6 reviews for Joy F5J Glider 2.5m

  1. William (verified owner)

    Really pleased. Quality of build and finish is to a very high standard. Thank you so much for an excellent model. I would not hesitate to consider further purchases.

  2. Neil

    Brilliant model Over Joyed flying the Joy well constructed a pleasure to own. Handy to use at a park when one has not flown for awhile. Thankyou guys for a really nice model . Have bought the ballast it does work well too in my windy conditions.

    Thankyou Guys just can’t say it enough.

    As for the rest of you guys think should I or shouldn’t I buy one of these great models just do it you won’t regret it.

  3. Thomas Benedikt (verified owner)

    Tolles Modell !

  4. Jay Watkins (verified owner)

    The Joy is a great way to learn how to fly F5J for half the price.

  5. John Rooney (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful F5J rc sailplane. I am just beginning to learn this plane, but its flight characteristic are amazing. It will ride the lightest thermals.

  6. Mark (verified owner)

    The Joy is a real “Joy” To fly. This light glider penetrates well un-ballasted into a reasonable breeze. Thermal turns are brilliant. Wide speed range and excellent control when using Crow Braking.

    • Evgen

      Thanks for sharing it, Mark!

      enJoy it 😉

      – Gene

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