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Joy is a brand new 2.5-meter F5J glider released at the end of 2021 by the High-Quality team.

Thanks to its wingspan it combines a performance that can be compared to the 4m ships but at the same time plays a part as an entry-level F5J competition model.

The core of this design is a combination of low drag fuselage, AG-series airfoil wing, quality materials, and the experience of the team behind it.

You can choose to purchase the Joy as a kit and build it on your own or choose a Receiver Ready option isntead.

Joy F5J Glider Features:

Joy features everything you need for the afternoon thermal soaring as well as any F5J competition:
– Lightweight airframe including an NPX-foam core wing. Can build as light as 615g.
– Low drag fuselage with two gear access hatches – a traditional in front and an extra one under the wing.
– Single-piece fuselage that is both light and strong and will fit up to 28mm diameter motor in front.
– High aspect ratio polyhedral wing that has great performance in the weak thermals and on high speeds while returning from the downwind.
– Ballast enclaves in both wings allow adding weight to your glider when needed. The wing breaks downs into 2 halves and holds in place with a sticky tape.
– Pull-cable & torsion spring installation for tail controls for less weight on the tail.
– Fully removable tails. The model breaks down to a 1.30m long box for transportation or storage.

Joy is available in Regular or Light carbon layups, and also in Fiberglass. The fuselage and tails are always carbon-skinned for saving weight and adding stiffness.

The glider kit includes an accessory pack that contains control horns, servo frames, pull-cables, cable crimps, bolts, torsions, CNC machined firewall, pushrods, and wing harness pigtails. The other part of the harness comes pre-installed in the wing, so you just plug in your servos after installation and cover them with provided CF patches.

Reccommended Gear (not included)

– 32mm diameter spinner
– CF folding prop
– 28mm dia outrunner
– 2x KST X08/A08 for tails
– 4x KST X08H/A08H for wings
– 7ch Rx

Powertrain Combos For Joy F5J (not included)

3S LiPo Pack ~800mAh
– Prop: 10×6;
– Motor: 2830 ~1200kv outrunner
– ESC: 30A+

2S LiPo Pack ~1000mAh
– Prop: 12×6
– Motor: 2836 ~1500kv outrunner
– ESC: 35A+


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