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Falcon F5K+F5K Power Set+Falcon DLG Wing Bags & Fuse Cover
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Falcon F5K took everything the best from the Falcon F3K version and turned it into an electric-powered model. It’s designed to fit four KST X06 servos and a Vladimir models power set, but pilots can also use the other similar electronics.

The model is very similar to an F3K version and shares the exact same wing and tailplane. The fuselage is slightly modified with a shorter nose and tailplane pilon mounted on the top side of the boom. The fin is also modified to get a more conventional shape used in the bigger F3J and F5K models.

The nose cone is completely removable for easier interior access and smooth assembly process.

There is also an opportunity to ballast up the model by inserting the additional weights into the supplied ballast tube.

It can fly fast to penetrate the strong winds or make the fast passes across the field as well as “hover” in the tiny thermal with a small camber input. This glider would be a great choice for both a beginner pilot as well as for the pro F3K competitor considering its price, compared to the similar models.

Falcon DLG Weight Data (g)
Layup Light Regular Strong
Fuselage 31 – 33 35 – 37 39 – 41
Nose Cone 6 – 6.5
Wing 90 – 100 100 – 110 115 – 125
Horisontal Stabilizer 5.5 – 6 6.5 – 7
Vertical Fin 6 – 6.5 6.5 – 7
Accessories and glue 10 – 12
Empty weight from 150 165 185
Flying weight from 190 210 235

The model features the complete accessories pack including a motor mont, control horns, torque springs for tails, pull wire, a servo tray, and mounting screws.

You can also specify to have the tails in a naked black carbon layup or in a colored glass layup. Both stab and fin may be mixed this way in any combination you wish.

For more specific build tips, please, refer to the RC Groups Thread about Falcon F5K

Wingspan – 1500mm
Wing area – 19.0dm2
Length – 1040mm
Flying weight – from 218g
Wing airfoil – GT Synergy2 modified
Recommended CG – 63 mm
Controls – Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle

Additional information

Wing Layup

Light Carbon, Regular Carbon, Strong Carbon

Product Options

ARF (KST X06 Servos / Single-Piece Wing), ARF (KST X06 Servos / 2-Piece Wing), KIT (2-Piece Wing), KIT (Single-Piece Wing), Single-Piece Spare Wing, 2-Piece Spare Wing, Spare Fuselage, Spare Horizontal Stabiliser, Spare Nose Cone, Spare Pod Hatch, Spare Vertical Fin


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