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Hawk is a modern 1-meter DLG that is provided by Nikolay Gorban from High Quality with an exceptional flying performance for a very reasonable price.

The model is fully molded using high-quality materials. The fuse may have a hatch canopy to access the electronics. The wing is offered in one Glass and two Carbon versions – regular and light.

The fuse of this model can be made as a combination of 2.4GHz friendly glass fiber on the front and carbon on the tail.

The nose is designed to fit in all 4 servos in the pod. Considering the overall small size of the model, the pod has enough space for them, but you will need some basic building skills to put the model together.

The tail construction is very similar to the full-size DLGs with a removable horizontal stabilizer mounted underneath the tail boom. All the parts are molded which ensures the shiny surfaces, exceptional stiffness, and light weight.

The wing construction features a solid CNC-cut foam core with glass or carbon fiber layup. It comes almost-ready-to-go, with the pre-hinged ailerons and shiny graphics.

The model comes with a complete accessories pack including the launch peg, control horns, torque springs for tails, pull wires, and a servo tray.

For more building tips, please, refer to the RC Groups Thread about Hawk DLG

Technical Data

Wingspan – 1000mm
Wing area – 10.9 dm2
Length – 717mm
Wing airfoil – AG46
Controls – Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder

Hawk DLG Weight Data (g)
Layup Glass Light Carbon Regular Carbon
Fuselage 15.5 – 16.5 14 – 15.5
Wing 54 – 58 45 – 48 53 – 56
Horisontal Stabilizer 3.2 – 3.4 2.8 – 3.1
Vertical Fin 3.3 – 3.6 2.9 – 3.2
Accessories and glue 8.5
Empty weight from 86 73 82
Flying weight from 123 106 117

Recommended Settings

Hawk DLG Control Throws and Camber Settings
CG 54-56 mm from wing leading edge
Rudderr +/- 10mm
Elevator “Touch-the-boom” up & max down
Ailerons 7mm up & 7mm down (optional negative differential)
Brakes 16-18mm down
Launch 0.5mm up
Cruise 0mm (aligned with the root)
Min Thermal 3mm down
Max Thenrmal 6mm down

For a better understanding of the Flight Modes and Camber settings for Hawk DLG, check the video below.

Additional information

Wing Layup

Fiberglass, Light Carbon, Regular Carbon

Product Options

ARF (D47 Servos), ARF (KST X06 Servos), KIT


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