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Sabre F5K Main View+F5K Spinner & 6x4 Prop+A Pair of M3x10mm Aluminum Bolts [Blue+Yellow]+M3 Titanium Bolts Rainbow+Sabre F5K Covers Set
Price For All:   $710.00


Sabre F5K Glider is a newly designed competition glider that inherits a lot of construction tricks of the well known models and packs that all into a great shape set for maximum performance and handling.

This glider features a Rohacell foam core & carbon fiber covered main wing and tail surfaces and a carbon fiber fuselage.

As a rule of thumb, the nose section of the fuselage is radio transparent, which allows pilots to run 2.4GHz antennas inside with no issues.

Sabre F5K Design Desisions

All parts are beatufully finished with with a unique livery, which is available in various colours.

You can choose the top and botton wing design colors and also the colors of your tails and fuselage.

Colored tails on Sabre F5K are paint-over-carbon, unlike the same on a Falcon F5K which features fiberglass layup instead.

Sabre runs a pair of wing servos in each wing, and a pair that drives the tail control surfaces under the belly with an easy access through the opening in the wing saddle.

The ailerons feature a rock-solid push-rod config, while the tails are designed to run pull-cables with torsion springs, which comes as standard in the the gliders of this class.

The main wing also designed with a fancy winglets on the tips, which not only creates a very unique look but contributes a lot to the low drag coefficient and outstanding overall performance.

A pair of high-quality magnet connectors come pre-installed from the factory and help wiht a quick glider assembly or disassembly for a transportation.

And the cherry on a cake, Sabre packs into the smallest box for transportaition, compared to similar models with fully removable tails and split main wing panels.

Sabre F5K Technical Data

Length: 882mm
Wingspan: 1497 mm
Wing area: 18 dm2
Wing aspect ratio: 12,45
Tailplane area: 2.16 dm2
Fin area: 1.4 dm2
Average AUW (standart layup): 230g

Note: this glider doesn’t have a ballast enclosure, but thanks to a extreme aerodynamics it performs great in strong brease unballasted.

Recommended Gear for Sabre F5K

Aileron Servos (flat mounted) – KST X06H, Chaservo HV06H
Tail Servos (vertical mount) – KST X06, Chaservo HV06
Motor – brushless outrunner sized from 1507 to 1806
ESC – 20A
Prop – CAM 6*3, or Carbon 6*4, 7*4
Spinner – 25mm
We recommend 25mm spinner with 6*4 combo for motors with threaded M5 shafts
Battery ~ 550mAh 2S LiPo


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