Maverick F5K Electric Glider


ETA: Mid Aug 2022

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RC Electric Glider - Maverick F5K+F5K Spinner & 6x4 Prop+A Pair of M3x10mm Aluminum Bolts [Blue+Yellow]+Maverick Stickers+Green Multiplex 6-Pin Connector
Price For All:   $209.00


RC electric gliders in a form of F5K models have gained a lot of popularity in recent times thanks to the compact size and great performance they provide.

The only drawback of the most molded carbon F5K gliders is their high price point.

Maverick is here to change this!

It is a full-house 1.5-meter balsa kit that you can build yourself in a workshop and join your local F5K competition!

The assembly guide is available online.

A Kit Contains

– All balsa and plywood parts
– A colored 1:1 scale assembly plan
– Accessories pack that includes wing mounting bolts, nuts, pushrod material, GF control horns, pull-cables, torsion spring material, etc.
– Carbon tubes and rods required for assembly.

Covering film and 2x 450mm+ JR-style servo extensions are not included and should be purchased separately.

For more details and building tips, please check an RCGroups thread on Maverick

A Potrable RC Electric Glider

Maverick features a 3-piece wing with a central section and removable wingtips. The Fuse is one piece with a classic cross tail that is also fully removable.

So, you can take your glider apart and pack it for easy transportation or storage.

Tehnical Data

Wingspan: 1492mm
Length: 1065mm
Wing Area: 25.2 sq. dm
Tailplane Area: 2.7 sq. dm
Airfoil: AG455ct mod
Flying weight: ~300g
Controls: Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps, Throttle
Skill level: Intermediate
Flight style: Thermal hunting and F5K competitions

Recommended Gears

Recommended Settings

Maverick F5K Control Throws and Camber Settings
CG 85-87 mm from wing leading edge
Rudderr +/- 15mm
Elevator “Touch-the-boom” down, ~13mm up
Ailerons 12mm up & 12mm down
Flaps as Ail 6mm up & 6mm down
Brakes (Flaps) 40-50mm down
Brakes (Ailerons) 15mm up or 20mm down
Launch/Speed Flat bottom of the wing airfoil
Cruise Flat top of the wing airfoil
Min Thermal 3mm down from Cruise
Max Thenrmal 7mm down from Cruise


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