About us


Hey there!

My name is Evgen and I’m a founder of Flight Point – an online retailer of the Ukrainian made RC models.

I’m an RC pilot from Ukraine who has a passion for flying RC gliders for quite some time.

I’ve joined this hobby when I was 7-years old, starting with the simple catapult, free flight, and control line models. During that time I’ve improved my building skills and decided to try RC models which stole my heart… and most of free time.

Later, after flying numerous RC models I ended up knowing that gliders are my favorite.

Now, a few words about the store

Ukraine is known for its RC model manufacturers who produce the high-performance models for years. They offer a variety of different models from beginner balsa KITs to professional models for world-class competitions.

The purpose of creating the Flight Point is to support Ukrainian model manufacturers and help RC pilots around the world get the models they want easier.


Flight Point is a Ukrainian retailer but we ship worldwide. In addition, we offer some other benefits to our customers.


We are located in Ukraine and are in direct contact with the manufacturer of the models we are selling. That means that if you wish to customize the model, or a couple of models, according to your needs, we can arrange it for you.


Most of the models on the website are being sold in pre-orders. See the description of the models for details.

It’s happening because we are preparing the batch orders for manufacturers to guarantee the best price for a model you wish. You can choose the color and design you wish and we’ll get it shipped right to your door.


Strange things happening all the time and you never know when you’ll need a spare wing, fin or nose cone for your favorite model. Luckily we’ve got you covered.

Speaking directly to the manufacturer, we can arrange any replacement part for the models which are currently in production.

For more information about the shipping, head to this page or contact us for more detailed info.