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Joy F5J Build Instruction

Joy F5J Glider Build

Joy is a 2.5-meter F5J glider that is provided by the Falcon and Hawk manufacturers in Ukraine.

The glider has an extreme flying envelope being able to handle a low-level lift as well as strong winds.

For better convenience, the ballast tubes are located in the wings and allow for a fast weight change during the pause between the competition rounds.

The wingspan is only 2.5 meters which allows pilots to hunt for low-level thermals, just like with the 4-meter ships.

You can purchase this model as a kit and build it on your own or choose a Receiver Ready option and let our professional team build it to your preference – with servos and powertrain.

If you prefer to build it on your own, please, refer to the images below.

Pro Tip: Put an O-Ring over the main hatch to prevent losing it

Under certain circumstances, like high-speed maneuvers, the main hatch cover may become loose in flight and fall off.

Of course, this isn’t something that you would enjoy…

So, we recommend securing this hatch in any way that you feel convenient. From our experience, the reusable O-Ring is one of the most effective ways that costs nothing, is lightweight, not draggy, and can be done at the field in a few moments.

Please, check the following video that explains this process.

Once done, you’ll be ready to install your Rx and battery and start with the radio setup.

Joy F5J in flight

Joy F5J Setup Tips

For FrSky or OpenTX / EdgeTX users, we recommend the SoarOTX F5J template for radio setup.

It is free and extremely easy to use.

Additionally, it provides a flight scoring system that will come in handy during training or simple timekeeping.

Since the wing has a composite construction, check the video below to identify a “flat” position of the control surfaces relative to the wing body.

Recommended throws and camber settings

For the initial setup, please, use the following recommendations on the settings and adjust them depending on your preference.

Joy F5J Control Throws and Camber Settings
CG Position At the ballast tube spot in the wing
Rudder +/- 25mm
Elevator +/- 15mm
Ailerons +/- 14mm (Ail to Flap: +/- 6mm)
Brakes Flaps: 25-30mm down, Ailerons: 15mm down or 7mm up
Cruise Flat bottom of the wing (0mm)
Speed 1-3mm up
Thermal 1 3mm down
Thermal 2 8mm down

Happy flying!

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