A Pair of M3x10mm Titatium Bolts [Rainbow]


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M3 Titanium Bolts Rainbow+Falcon 2 Top View+falcon-f3k-ballast+Falcon DLG Wing Bags & Fuse Cover
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M3x10mm titanium bolts is a step away from anything that you have got in the kit, or what the similar alluminum bolts can offer.

These are stronger than steel and also light like alluminum 😉

Theis size is often used to mount the tailplane on the following models:
Maverick F5K
Falcon F5K
Falcon F3K
Joy F5J

as well as mounting a main wing for:
Falcon F3K
Falcon 2 F3K
Falcon F5K
Hawk Pro

It makes a non-compromise lightweight replacement for the default steel bolts provided with the kit.

Needless to say about the final look.

The bolts are being offered as a pair of a lovely rainbow colour made by thermal aplication. For thermal application 😉

2x Rainbow M3x10 bolt


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