Hawk Pro w/ Carrying Case

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Hawk Pro is a recently released 1-meter DLG, that features an advanced airfoil and improved airframe for the best flying experience.

The model is lightweight and stiff, thanks to the Rohacel core of the wing and light carbon skin covering.

Comes with a neat Ukrainian-style design.

Hardly used mainly for testing.

It is built with two CHAServo DS06 on the ailerons and two CHAServo LV06 on the tails.

The servo brick and a vertical fin are removable making future revisions or repairs easier.

May come in a couple of different options:
1. Receiver-Ready will require your Rx and Battery.
2. PNP with a complete TBS Tracer Radio system consisting of Nano Rx inside the glider and Nano Tx module for radios with Lite module bay. This is a 2.4 long-range low latency control system that provides a robust link regardless of the carbon fiber structure of the glider.
3. BNF with a FrSky Archer GR6 ACCESS receiver as one of the most popular radio choices for DLG glider.

Regardless of the option you choose above, will come in a custom-made Glider Transportation Box.

This is a one-time offer.