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This is a build-up Shaka slope glider with a set of radio gear and a few optional modifications and spare parts that will make this glider more universal.

Comes completely ready, just drop in your receiver and go flying!

Flying weight with FrSky RX4R (not included) is only 215g.

The gig includes:
– A complete Shaka glider with the E-Fuse
Emax 1407 outrunner combined with Speedix 20A ESC w/o BEC and 6×3 folding prop
– 450mAh HV 2S 70C LiPo battery
– Step-down module for powering the Rx and servos
– Ballance plug to JST adaptor for connecting a provided step-down module
– 2x PowerHD DSM44 servos
An Extra fuselage to be converted to a slope/DLG fuse
An Extra DLG-style vertical fin

The powered version with this setup goes up vertically and sustains around 20-30 launches to 50 meters altitude before draining the battery. The ESC is running a BLHeli_S firmware, so can be easily configured if needed.

Note that the ESC has no BEC. PowerHD servos inside are standard voltage, so you can not feed the pure 2S LiPo voltage to the servos, a step-down module to reduce the battery voltage is required here.

Glider modifications:
– Reinforced front wing-to-fuselage joiner on the left wing, to make the DLG launches possible without damaging the structure of the airframe
– Removable DLG launch peg on the left wing, anchored to the main spar for reliability.
– Clean servo pushrod installation for reduced drag.

This model was used a lot for the test flying in different variations. Have some minor wear marks and repairs of the weak spots.

The elevon hinges need a review to prevent flutter as the tape came loose in a few places.

The step-down module needs resoldering of a single wire.

Other than these two things, it’s in perfect condition.

This is a one-time deal.