Wing To Fuse Hareness Connectors


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BLD8 Connectors+RC Electric Glider - Maverick F5K
Price For All:   $200.00


Maverick is a 1.5-meter RC Electric Glider that features preferably balsa wood construction, low drag fuselage and full house polyhedral wing with flaps and ailerons.

It also has a removable main wing where for better convenience the wires can be combined into a harness with a single connector.

BLD8 (2×4) or Multiplex 6-pin connectors will be great options for this task.

Shaka is a balsa wing glider that features a removable fuse. But, since the servos are located in the wings and the Rx in the fuse, it may come in handy to combine your wires into a single connector.

Moreover, these connectors may plug in directly onto the pins on the Rx.

So, if you need a pair, just add it to your order to not sourcing these parts elsewhere.


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