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Shaka eFuse with the 25mm spinner (not included)+VM F5K Spinner 25_5mm w/ 6x3 blades
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Shaka eFuse will be a great addition to your Shaka Slope Wing as you will get the power to gain altitude when needed.

This Kit contains a complete set of parts to make a fuselage for your glider. No motor, spinner, ESC, or covering film is included.

It is designed to fit 14XX or 15XX series drone motors (ex. Emax 1407, T-Motor F1507, etc.) that have 12*12mm M2 mounts.

A build-up fuselage will provide a 2° down and 2° right thrust to compensate the forces from the prop and provide a straight powered flight.

It is designed to fit the 2S LiPo battery which is no wider than 25mm which narrows the choice down to the drone batteries with a high discharge rate.

The examples of suitable batteries are listed below:
CNHL Ministar HV 450mah 7.6v 2s 70c
CNHL Ministar HV 550mah 7.6v 2s 70c
CNHL ministar 450mah 7.4v 2s 70c
Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus 300mAh 2S 70C
Tattu R-Line 550mAh 7.4V 95C 2S1P
Tattu 450mAh 7.6V High Voltage 95C 2S1P
Tattu 300mAh 7.6V 75C 2S1P

Considering the use of drone motors, any 25mm F5K spinner will fit the fuselage. However, the front rib is designed to fit 30mm spinner as well.

In addition, this E-Fuse features an updated hatch that has a hook in front for better alignment with the body.

Please, find the build instructions here.

We recommend using high-voltage servos and receiver for the E-Shaka, capable of handling the voltage provided by 2S LiPo Battery directly. This way you can benefit from the lightweight ~20A done ESCs which comes with no BEC, and get proper voltage telemetry to your Tx if available.

Recommended Electronics:

Motor: 14XX or 15XX series drone motor with an M2 12x12mm mount layout (i.e. Emax ECO series 1407, T-Motor F1507)
ESC: Any lightweight 20-30A ESC
Battery: 2S 300-450mAh 60C+ LiPo
Propeller: Folding Prop of your choice with 25mm or 30mm spinner

Please note: This item includes only wooden parts to assemble the eFuse. No motor, spinner, ESC, or covering film is included.


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