Shaka E-Fuse [ARF]

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This ARF Shaka E-Fuse is converted from a slope glider version using our E-Conversion KIT. It means that there are no thrust angles, the motor is being mounted straight, and will require some programmatic compensation of a thrust momentum for your model.

Unlike this E-Fuse KIT that provides some down and right thrust.

Used, but in great condition, w/o any scratches or dents.

This fuse also features an experimental hatch design, which differs from the one recommended in the assembly manual.

It is designed to fit 14XX or 15XX series drone motors (ex. Emax 1407, T-Motor F1507, etc.) that have 12*12mm M2 mounts as well as the rest of the Shaka KITs.

This one in particular was built to fit Emax 1407 motor, and a 25mm F5K spinner.

Comes pre-covered with the yellow film and with a transparent ring for securing the canopy in place.

This is a one-time-deal.


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