Shaka Covering Film Set


Should be purchased in a combination with other products.

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The original Shaka Slope Glider Kit comes w/o a covering film.

But if you’d like to have all the materials needed for your build in a single box, we’ve picked a few sets of colors that we think would work great for your future builds.

Each set consists of a few sheets of covering film which could be both opaque and transparent, measured in accordance with the suggested color scheme.

However, you can also leave a custom request by leaving the comments to your order.

How To Choose The Best Colors

From our experience, there are a few tips for choosing the best combination of colors for your glider:

  • Transparent colors work great for the wing bottom if combined with opaque colors for the top of the wing
  • Although, the same transparent color will be a great choice for both the top and bottom of the wing
  • Opaque covering is recommended for the fuselage as it has a rounded shape and film overlaps will be noticeable through the transparent film
  • Tranparent colors could work just fine on the elevons and vertical fin
  • If you have doubts or suggestions about the color combo you are choosing feel free to Contact Us to select the best one.

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