Malibu 1m DLG

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This is a used (less than 1 hour in the air) B-Grade model that had some minor cosmetic defects, built with 3 Emax ES9051 servos, for Aileron and Elevator controls.

Yes, it is rudderless.

Comes ARF, all perfectly functional.

Comes with a 600mAh 1S LiPo battery that makes it for a perfect CG position if hooked directly to the Rx w/o voltage booster.

Emax servos inside work great on 1S LiPo – fast and accurate, so there is no need for a booster.

This model has no rudder control and features a spring-loaded full flying stab with a pull-cable for pitch control. The last can be easily converted to a conventional pushrod if needed.

Also, it features the upgraded short nose, which became available in the later KITs. The canopy hatch is being held with a clear tape ring for easy pod access.

This is a Spread Carbon layup, so the wings and tails are super strong and light.

All 3 servos are screwed onto the plywood servo mount with M2 screws. The servo mount is also screwed to the pod with M3 hex bolts. This makes it for a great beginner model as you can easily unscrew a few bolts and replace a servo if needed.


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