F5K Power Set (Motor, 6*3 Prop, ESC)


ETA: Mid October 2021

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This F5K Power set is a combination of the best components that will make a great addition to your glider. It’s made of high-quality components that will ensure high reliability and extensive power.

We used the popular T-Motor F1507 outrunner which provides the best thrust-to-weight ratio and works perfectly on the 2S LiPo. It uses 6*3 CAM folding prop blades and a 25mm spinner by Vladimir’s Model which makes it compatible with all modern F5K gliders.

In between, there is a lightweight BLHeli_32 ESC which is pre-programmed with the optimum thrust and brake settings.

Please note, that the ESC used in this power set DOES NOT HAVE BEC built-in. Instead, the Rx (JR-type) plug will provide a pure voltage of your LiPo straight to your Receiver and Servos. So, it is mandatory to use 8.4V compatible components. There is no requirement for digital vs analog servo though.

Why To Choose Our F5K Power Set

The benefit of this setup is that you can get proper telemetry and monitor the voltage of your onboard battery in real-time on your Tx.

Considering the above, we highly recommend using it in a combination with a regular voltage 2S LiPo. In case you prefer the increased 4.35V/cell LiPo batteries, please use them at your own risk.

All components are expertly soldered including an XT30 connector which may be replaced if needed.

So, all you’ll need is to install this power set to your model, connect it, program your Tx and you’ll be ready to rock.

This is a future product, but you can pre-order it now to get it first when it will become available.

Key Benefits

  • Total Weight – TBA
  • 25mm Spinner That Fits All Recent F5K Models
  • Efficient CAM Prop Blades
  • Popular Motor Mounting Layout – 12x12mm, M2
  • Light-Weight And Programmable BLHeli_32 ESC
  • No BEC For Better LiPo Voltage Telemetry
  • Designed to Use With 8.4V-Compatible Rx and Servos


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