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Shaka Slope Glider in Yellow transparent+VM F5K Spinner 25_5mm w/ 6x3 blades+Shaka Glider Covering Film Set+Shaka eFuse with the 25mm spinner (not included)
Price For All:   $134.00


Take a break from the real world and hang loose on the slope with Shaka – a portable 1-meter slope glider. It is a flying wing that is designed for endless joy on a windy day.

Shaka features a classic balsa/plywood construction, reinforced with carbon fiber tube spars and a leading edge.

This is an RC slope glider KIT that has to be assembled and covered, not a built-up model.

However, it is extremely easy to build in approx. 4-7 hours and will bring you a lot of fun on a windy day.

In addition, you can convert it to an E-Glider or order a spare E-Fuselage that makes the best fit for a popular drone motors.

A Potrable RC Slope Glider KIT

Shaka slope glider is collapsible for transportation and storage. Simply unscrew 2 bolts and take the fuselage and both wings apart. It’s as easy as that.

The fuselage has a hatch for easy access to the interior and electronics. 2 servos, there is a room for almost any ~10g servo, are glued into the dedicated places in the wing and drive 2 elevons.

The KIT comes with a complete accessory set that includes two M4 nylon wing mounting bolts and a pair of M4 nuts to be glued into the fuselage during assembly, control horns, ball linkages, and servo horn clevises for pushrods, etc.

Note: a covering film is not included in the KIT.

The assembly usually takes approx 4-7 hours.

A build manual is available online and can be found by scanning a QR code on the plan that comes in the box. For more building tips please check Shaka Thread on RC Groups

Tehnical Data

Wingspan: 965mm
Flying weight: ~220g
Controls: Elevons – 2 channels
Skill level: Intermediate
Flight style: Slope Soaring in light to medium wind conditions.

Recommended Electronics:

  • 1s 600mAh LiPo battery. Similar size 2S battery can be used with BEC and less lead in the nose.
  • 2*~10g servos, HXT 900 or similar
  • 2CH+ Rx
  • Radio Tx with delta mixing capabilities

Additional Info

6 reviews for Shaka RC Slope Glider

  1. Arthur Withy (verified owner)

    Hi All, I have ordered 2 kits. I’ve built one and flown it…Mine has about 3 hours of flying time now with maybe 8 landings over a 2 day period. Kit was easy to build…it took more time than 7 hours of build time as the plan states…however I put extra effort in….mine is 214 grams ready to fly. The balsa selection for the kit is superb….both kits were weighed…with a variation of 4 grams.!!! How good is that… I have fibre glassed the fuse the fin and the elevons. Fuse and fin are painted yellow enamel paint..the elevon are plastic film covered. I am running HV servos…and a 2 cell 450mah battery direct to receiver. I lengthen the nose by 15mm to a point..after all the web site is flight point..!!! LOL. The model is fast…roll rate is fast….lands slow if you want too. It is very manoeuvrable and easy to fly..on low rates its a docile model…on high rates if just super fun. My flight was in 18 knots..which is alot for a 214 gram model..and it handles it easily if you have experience. check out this… take a look at my second flight..
    This model is alot of fun and Im sure it will also be fun in light conditions due to its forgiving nature…this is a “spitfire” not a “DC3” ..regards Arthur…PS…I gave my second kit to Allen so we can dogfight..or do formation flying in the future..he filmed the advice is just get one..great value…very good price…good clever wont regret it.

    • Evgen

      Thanks, Arthur!

      I was excited following your build and seeing another bird in flight is hilarious!

      Enjoy flying your Shaka and keep sharing your pictures, they are beautiful! Almost feel like I’m there with you!

  2. Rob van Duin

    A very enjoyable build!! Took her for her first proper flight today, slope soaring on one of Holland’s many dikes. Extremely fun to fly. Top marks!!

    • Evgen

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your feedback! Glad that you like it!


  3. Douglas Slayback (verified owner)

    Hasn’t been built yet, just arrived. Beautifully cut kit, looking forward to construction soon. Also enjoyed the many Ukrainian stamps on the box, which survived the long trip well due to its shape. Looking forward to another project from you in the future!

    • Evgen

      Hi Douglas, thanks for your kind words. There are a few interesting projects in development, so stay tuned and enjoy the build!


  4. Andy (verified owner)

    Hi Evgen,
    Just letting you know that all went well with the kits, and they truly are a great flyer, not needing much lift to fly, I’m absolutely loving it, the shaka lives in the car as I often find a place to fly in my travels, short throws and expo are needed, as she’s very responsive, great model mate, nice work…

    • Evgen

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for writing this up! Glad you liked the KIT and making such great use of it, enjoy!


  5. Jonathan Neuhaus (verified owner)

    Really nice kit, easy to build and great for beginner.
    Instructions are very clear, plane flies great and on top of that great contact with Evgen in case you have any questions.
    I highly recommend it !

    • Gene

      Thanks, Jonathan!

      Hope you are having a great time flying with your mates. Enjoy!

  6. Craig Jones

    awesome little flying wing, very good laser cut kit
    easy to build- and it flies even better , 2 mates and i
    bought them we love them

    • evgen

      Pleased to hear from you, Craig. Thanks for your feedback, and enjoy flying your Shakas! Hang Loose!

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