Rx Battery Extension Wire (1S Lipo)


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A short battery extension wire plugged into a Rx of an RC glider has become one of the greatest alternatives to a power switch.

It allows for easy and quick battery connection minimizing the amount of RC glider components that have a risk to fail. As a result, you have a lightweight and reliable power connection to your receiver.

As in most cases, using a battery extension wire lead to a lighter setup, compared to the various switch options.

And since the 1s LiPo became the most popular power source for DLGs and other small RC gliders, like slope wings, there is a huge variety of batteries available on the market.

Most of them, though, are made for small quadcopters, or whoops, and have speciific connectors, which are rarely used in RC gliders. The price tag of these batteries is very reasonable, and you can also choose from a numerous HV options which will charge up to 4.35V.

So to make it easier for you to use these batteries with your gliders, we made a few options which will plug these tinywhoop batteries straight into the Rx of your RC glider. Ofc, without a hustle of changing plugs on the batteries themselves.

Our battery extension wires feature a high quality female Dupont 2.54 3-pin connector on one side, with 2 terminals incerted for weight saiving. This connector is also known as JR servo connector and is compartble with all RC micro receivers with standard servo pins, including Futaba.

The silicon wire lead to the the male battery connector on the other side which is available in 3 connector options:

  1. Red JST connector for 1S and 2S application
  2. JST PH2.0 connector for 1S allpication
  3. GNB A30 connector for 1S application. This will also compartible with batteries carrying BetaFPV BT2.0 plug

This selection will cover the widely available LiPo batteries in 200mAh – 550mAh range that can be found in most local hobby shops.

So if you are planning to run your RC glider using a 1S LiPo battery, choose the right servos and add one of the battery extensions to your order.

Receivers shown on the pictures are not included with this product and used only for presentation purposes.

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