Professionally built Hawk DLG with pre-installed:

  • 4 servos of your choice
  • Launch T-Peg on right or left wing
  • Torsion-loaded rudder and elevator
  • Lightweight tail control cables
  • Pre-trimmmed aileron pushrods
  • Control horns on all control surfases
  • Requires only your Rx and battery

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RTF Hawk is the fastest way to get into the air with a professionally built DLG.

The model comes fully assembled with 4 servos of your choice installed in the pod. All control horns come pre-glued with trimmed aileron pushrods. The elevator and fin cables come also installed and trimmed for the best performance.

An Rx battery may also be included with your model to make a smooth start.

Please note: If you’d like to add a battery to your model, please, order it here.

The launch peg comes pre-installed as well, so you will only need to add a receiver of your choice to start flying.

Note that the nose pod of Hawk has a relatively tiny interior. So, you’ll need to look for the smallest 4-6 channel receiver to fit it in.

So if you prefer flying your DLG over building it, let us handle the heavy light lifting for you and order your receiver ready Hawk right away.

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Fiberglass, Light Carbon, Regular Carbon


Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


4*Dymond D47, 4*Hitec HS-40, 2*BlueBird BMS A10 & 2*Dymond D47, 4*KST X06, 2*KST X06 & 2*Dymond D47


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