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A pair of HXT900 Servos+Shaka Slope Glider in Yellow transparent
Price For All:   $87.45


HXT900 is a small and reliable micro analog servo that is proved to be one of the best budget servos on the market.

It features plastic gear, which is durable to handle loads of the small and medium RC Gliders and comes with a set of mounting screws and servo arms.

HST900 also features a ~25cm long servo wire with a JR plug which makes it compatible with the most modern PWM receivers.

Considering its size, it isn’t the smallest servo though, it can make a great fit for our beloved Shaka Slope Glider.

It is tested to work on 3.7V which is a standard voltage for a 1S LiPo battery which we recommend for a pure glider version of the Shaka.

The servo is working absolutely predictable and fast at this voltage which makes it a great addition to most Balsa RC Gliders on the market.

It also has a very precise centering at 3.7V as it is critical for a proper elevon operation.

So, if you are looking for a set of servos to accompany your Shaka Glider, remember to put it in the cart before placing your order.

This item contains 2 pcs of HXT900 servos.

HXT900 Servo Features

– Teflon bushing
– 25cm wire
– Coreless motor
– Servo arms & screw included

Servo Specs:

Dimentions: 23x12x23mm
Operating Voltage: 3v ~ 6v
Weight: 9.8g
Speed: 0.12 sec/60(4.8V)
Torque: 1.6kg/cm
Working Temp: -30C~60C
Gears: Nylon White type

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