Used Hawk Rudderless

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This glider is sold. Please check the available Hawks stock here.


This is originally a B-Grade Hawk DLG (fiberglass layup) with a slight defect on the right wing tip – see the pictures.

The main wing structure is untouched so the defect can be considered as cosmetical only.

Other than this small dent, the glider is in perfect condition.

This DLG goes receiver-ready, with a 600mAh 1s Lipo battery included.

FrSky Archer GR6 receiver can be added upon request, please contact us if you need it. The price is set w/o a receiver.

It comes with three digital Turnigy MX-95E servos installed w/o a lower part of the casing. All of these are mounted on the removable servo plate and screwed from the bottom with two M2 hex screws.

This makes it easier to remove servos for repair or modifications.

The vertical fin is fixed in place with sticky tape so will be removed for transportation.

All accessories needed for adding Rudder control are provided, as shown in the pictures. The extra MX-95E servo can be added upon request.

The model flies great and has an AUW of only 121g.

Free international shipping is provided for this item, as well as for the other items on our website.

1 review for Used Hawk Rudderless

  1. tom langborg (verified owner)

    I have not done maid flight yet, but it seems to be in very good state.

    • Evgen

      Great to know that you liked it. I bet it will be a great fun flying it!


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