Toro 1m DLG

This item is sold, but you can check the other available options, i.e. Hawk Pro.

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Toro is a 1-meter DLG with great flying performance.

Construction features full carbon layup, with 2.4GHz friendly nose part of the fuselage, and Rohacel core for wing and tails.

The airframe is extremely lightweight, just 85g dry, w/o accessories, electronics, etc. This, combined with the Synergy-family airfoil on the wing provides great feeling of the model in flight in wide range of speed and weather conditions.

This airframe is more advanced than Hawk 2 and can be rather compared in performance to Hawk Pro instead.

The model comes unbuilt, with all parts, accessories and a full-size T-peg included.

For more information on the build, please, check this RCGroups Thread

Note, the incuded servo frame is designed for KST X06 servos. In case you will choose a more affordable Hitec HS-40 option, you will need to modify the servo placement insinde the pod.

Also, FrSky Archer GR6 receiver will make a perfect fit inside a tiny nose of a Toro DLG.

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