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Take a break from the real world and hang loose on the slope with Shaka – a portable 1-meter slope wing. It features a classic balsa construction, reinforced with the carbon fiber tube spars and leading edge.

This is a balso KIT version that has to be assembled and covered.

However, it is extremely easy to build in approx. 4-7 hours and will bring you a lot of fun on a windy day.

Compact Slope Wing

Shaka slope glider is collapsible for transportation and storage. Simply unscrew 2 bolts, unplug the servo connectors and take the fuselage and both wings apart. It’s as easy as that.

The fuselage has a hatch for easy access to the interior and electronics. 2 servos, there is a room for almost any ~10g servo, are glued into the dedicated places in the wing and drive 2 elevons.

The KIT comes with a complete accessory set that includes two M4 nylon wing mounting bolts and a pair of M4 nuts to be glued into the fuselage during assembly, control horns, ball linkages, and servo horn clevises for pushrods.

Note: covering film is not included in the KIT.

The assembly usually takes approx 4-7 hours.

A build manual is available online and can be found by scanning a QR code on the plan that comes in the box. Also, for more building tips please check Shaka Thread on RC Groups

Tehnical Data

Wingspan: 965mm
Flying weight: ~220g
Controls: Elevons – 2 channels
Skill level: Intermediate
Flight style: Slope Soaring in light to medium wind conditions.

Recommended Electronics:

  • 1s 600mAh LiPo battery. Similar size 2S battery can be used with BEC and less lead in the nose.
  • 2*~10g servos, HXT 900 or similar
  • 2CH+ Rx
  • Radio Tx with delta mixing capabilities

Additional Info

Additional information

KIT Options

Wood-Only, Wood+Carbon


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