Maverick Electric Glider [B-Grade]

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Maverick is an RC electric glider that was designed for thermal hunting and F5K competition flying.

This is a B-Grade KIT item, which means that some of the sheets included in this lot may have some minor defects. To complete it you will need to use a little extra effort compared to the normal kit.

Usually, you’ll need to cut out the parts from the sheets where Laser couldn’t do that properly.

Rarely, you’ll need to replace some parts. In this case, you can just use the leftover sheet material for this purpose.

In most cases, though, the defects are minimal and you can simply get away with them as they are.

If some major parts are defective, you’ll get the replacement in the box.

A Kit Contains

– All balsa and plywood parts
– A colored 1:1 scale assembly plan
– Accessories pack that includes wing mounting bolts, nuts, pushrod material, GF control horns, pull-cables, torsion spring material, etc.
– Carbon tubes and rods required for assembly.

Please, refer to the images to set estimations for the quality of the parts you’ll get. These are not exact images, your specific kit may look different, but these will give you a general understanding of what to expect.

4 reviews for Maverick Electric Glider [B-Grade]

  1. Fred Gerring (verified owner)

    I may just be lucky but the B grade I recently got appears to be perfect!

  2. Cole Clark (verified owner)

    The price point of the B-grade kit had me expecting to fabricate a number of parts to complete the glider. I was very surprised to only find that one part had been replaced and a few had small scratches(sandable) on them! The laser-cutting is truly excellent and the plans, shipping, instructions, etc, are extremely high quality.

    • Evgen

      Hi Cole,

      Thank you very much for describing your thoughts about the kit.

      We try our best to make the assembly of the B-Grade kits doable with minor issues.

      So, in most cases, the experience just wouldn’t be as smooth as with a regular kit, but still ok.

      Hope you will take it to the sky very soon!

      A Founder at FlightPoint

  3. Toshi (verified owner)

    Initial test flight just completed. Flight characteristics are excellent! This bird is quite responsive! My plane was a little tail heavy. I covered the fuselage with the micro glass coated with the epoxy resin. I needed extra weight in the nose section. My advice is to make the tail section as light as possible.

    • Evgen

      Hi Toshi!

      Congrats on the successful maiden flight and happy that you seem to be liking the plane!

      You are correct about the tail section, another option is to glass-cover only the front half of the fuse, w/o tail.

      Please, let us know if you will have some further feedback!

      Until then – keep the blue side up!

      – Gene

  4. Pieter La Grange (verified owner)

    Brilliant kit. Laser cutting is very good.

    Some parts of the build was difficult to figure out as the parts and plans don’t line up 100%. Also orientation of some of the trailing edges and position of wing tips isn’t easy to figure out unless looking at build log photos. Sanding of trailing edges is difficult and tedious. If the wing sanding can be eliminated this kit will be perfect.

    • Evgen

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Founder at FlightPoint

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