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Falcon 2 Top View+A Pair of M3x10mm Aluminum Bolts [Blue+Yellow]+falcon-f3k-ballast+Falcon DLG Wing Bags & Fuse Cover
Price For All:   $836.00


Falcon 2 is a 2023 update of the well-known Falcon F3K glider by the Flyinger (former HighQuality) Team.

The new version, for the most, uses the same wing, ballast enclosure, and tailplane… Everything else is completely new 😉
– The fuselage features a shorter nose and tail boom which improves handling.
The nose pod became slightly narrower for better aerodynamics but still has enough space for all your electronics and ballast.
– The tail boom now is updated and features the tailplane mount that forms a single piece with a boom. It forms in the mold together with a boom, unlike the glued-on piece on the 1st version of the glider.
The vertical fin is now fully removable with a custom-designed locking construction that prevents the fin from spinning on the boom. However, it’s recommended to secure the fin on the boom with some sticky tape regardless.
– The new version also comes in new wing designs, with all the options available for the original Falcon, such as painted fuse and tailplanes, left-handed throw, etc.

Falcon 2 features a Rohacel core wing and three major wing layups – light, regular, and strong, just like its predecessor.

The wing and the tailplane are no different from the 1st version, so you can swap them if needed.

Similar to the other competition models, the Falcon 2 is built to order.

So, choose the details of your future glider and place your order right now 😉

For build tips, check our general DLG Build Guide or check the Falcon 2 thread on RCGroups.

1 review for Falcon 2 F3K

  1. Nathan Richards

    I haven’t had time to put it together yet, but build quality is impeccable. Can’t wait to fly it

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