25/5mm F5K Spinner w/ 6×3 CAM Prop Blades


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VM F5K Spinner 25_5mm w/ 6x3 blades+Shaka eFuse with the 25mm spinner (not included)+Shaka Slope Glider in Yellow transparent
Price For All:   $122.00


F5K is a performance demanding class of RC gliders. So the weight and durability matter a lot here.

If you are looking for an F5K Spinner and a folding propeller take a look at the option provided by Vladimir’s Model.

This set weighs only 7 grams weighted with the blades and is designed to fit the widely popular copter motors with M5 shafts. A lot of pilots around the globe are using similar combos for F5K gliders.

6×3 CAM blades make a perfect addition to the spinner and will provide an unbeatable performance for the price. These blades are made of fibre-reinforced plastic and designed to provide the most thrust and low noise.

It is lightweight and durable of high RPM, so you can run this unit on both 2S or 3S LiPo setups on high Kv motors.

F5K Spinner Features

The spinner is plastic and matches an aluminium yoke which makes a perfect combination with CAM blades. The combo usually comes balanced out-of-the-box so won’t need any additional adjustments.

This F5K Spinner also features a unique prop shafts security system. The yoke is designed to match the plastic part of the spinner and secure the propeller blades shafts preventing the last from falling out while spinning.

In addition, this provides a yoke offset that makes for a better blades alignment while folded (not in use, while gliding).

This F5K Spinner and Blades combo will also be a great addition for the e-conversion of our Shaka Slope Wing

Technical Data

Spinner Diameter – 25mm
Motor Shaft Diameter – M5
Prop – 6×3 Folding
Total Weight – 7g

A set comes with 2 plastic spare cones of assorted colours and a hex key.

* The motor is not included.


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