Used Assan X8R6M Rx (For Radiomaster)


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Assan X8R6M+Shaka Top View
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Assan X8R6M is a great small 2.4GHz receiver that can fit into the most of small gliders or other RC Models available on the market.

It features 6 channels and a short antenna that makes it a very compact option.

The manufacturer states the range up to 600 meters and a robust link with the Assan Tx Modules.

It also works with the Multiprotocol modules as used in the Radiomaster / Jumper / Eachine and similar radios.

The antenna has a part of isolation stripped w/o any damage to the receiving internal wire.

Sells as it is.

Technical Data

Size: 43 X 20 X 7mm (1.77 X 0.78 X 0.27 inch)
Weight: 4.5g
RF Protocol: Assan
Receiver Manual