Shaka E-Fuse [ARF]


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Shaka Test E-Fuselage+VM F5K Spinner 25_5mm w/ 6x3 blades
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This ARF Shaka E-Fuse lot. This can be either converted from a slope glider version using our E-Conversion KIT or built-up test Shaka E-Fuse used for testing purposes.

Please check the available product variations closely.

Used, but in great condition, w/o any scratches or dents.

Some units may have experimental changes to the construction or design, so may look different from what’s in an assembly manual.

However, each will perfectly fit a Shaka Wing.

It is designed to fit 14XX or 15XX series drone motors (ex. Emax 1407, T-Motor F1507, etc.) that have 12*12mm M2 mounts as well as the rest of the Shaka KITs.

These ones in particular were built to fit Emax 1407 motor, and a 25mm F5K spinner.

Comes pre-covered with the yellow film and with a transparent o-ring for securing the canopy in place.

This is a one-time-deal.


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