Saly Slope Glider


Model Specification

Wingspan – 1300mm
Length – 810mm
Airfoil – WW
Empty Weight ~210g

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SALy is a great multi-purpose flying wing originally designed by Wolfgang Werling and featuring a classic skeleton balsa construction combined with carbon fiber tube spar and learning edge for stiffness. The model can be a great slope soarer for light to medium winds.

The KIT is produced using a laser-cut technology, which ensures the high quality of the details in the box.

The model is great for beginner to intermediate pilots, however, it requires above the average building skills. The wing is designed to be covered with the model covering film.

The fuse is removable for transportation and electronics access. The canopy hatch can also be configured.

For more building tips please refer to the respective RC Groups Thread

Recommended Electronics

2*9g servos or similar
1-2s Rx LiPo Battery
Lightweight Rx with Delta Wing Mixing

Required, for accemply (not included)

2x 6*650mm carbon tubes
2x 6*625mm carbon tubes
1x 4*300mm carbon tube
2x 2.5*700mm carbon rods
Covering Film


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