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Wing bags is a great way to protect your expensive competition model from the bright sun and dents or scratches during short-distance transportation. Use wing bags to carry the parts of your Falcon F3K Glider while driving to the field or leaving the glider on the field before or during the competition breaks.

The wing bag perfectly fits the shape of each part of the Falcon and features a soft foam inner with a reflective surface on the outside. Edges of the bag are sewed together using high-quality fabric that let the bag serve you for years protecting your glider from UV rays and minor mechanical damages.

Main wing bag is made of 2 parts – one for each half of the wing.

Right and left-wing bags can be hooked together with the sewed-on velcro to allow putting on the wing bag on the ready-to-start model while hanging out on the field.

The Full Set Of Covers Contains:

2-part main wing bag
2-part for F3K or single piece for F5K vertical fin bag
2-part horizontal stabilizer bag
1 fuselage bag

However, you can purchase the covers for the wings only, or for wings & tails as well.


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