Caiman Vintage Control Line Combat


Control line combat is one of the most exciting and actionable competitions. However, technological innovations made it hard to enter the sport because of the strict requirements of modern models and power systems.

However, there is another class – Vintage Control Line Combat which made the sport affordable to everyone.

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Combat models still have a few major requirements – they need to be:

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to fly
  • Stiff and tenacious to survive the hard landings
  • Light to have the advantage in the air

So, meet a Caiman – our best model that was tested to the limit in the competitions, and improved to be one of the best in class.

The current version of the model features the best control response thanks to the classic and close to modern construction. It can also survive some hard landings to keep you in the competition where possible.

For more building tips, please, refer to the RC Groups Thread about Caiman

Technical Data

Wingspan – 680mm
Wing area – 15.4dm2
Length – 365mm
Flying weight – from 290g
Wing Loading ~19g/dm2

The KIT Supplies

  • Laser-cut plywood parts
  • Fuel tank parts
  • Control system
  • Wing sticker
  • * Covering film (depending on the KIT variation)

Recommended Setup

  • Diesel 1.5cc engine
  • 12.85m steel control lines


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