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FrSky X-Lite For A DLG – Is It Any Good?

FrSky X-Lite Pro

Disclaimer: FrSky X-Lite (Original, S, Pro) is one of the good radio options that you can get for DLG or any other RC model. Some people will find it meets their needs perfectly, the other may not. Please, don’t hesitate to kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

With the DLG / F3K gliders being popular, people are looking for the “best” radio that will meet the regular glider pilot’s needs.

What are they?

The basics are:

  1. Reliable connection
  2. Flexible and powerful programming
  3. Telemetry

But considering that a pilot has to move around the field and spinning while launching a plane there are a few more:

  1. The compact size of a Tx
  2. Low weight to keep it in one hand one launching
  3. Convenient grip for the same purpose.

That’s why FrSky X-Lite became one of the top choices for the DLG pilots thanks to its size, form factor, and features of the OpenTX software inside.

by FrSky

It has 2 easily accessible rotary sliders that can be used for camber adjustments or for any other actions available in OpenTX.

The inside components look solid and the quality of assembly confirms FrSky standards to be consistent. Here is the detailed teardown guide.

Later on, while the X-Lite S and Pro versions were released with additional momentary switches/buttons built-in by default that became even better.

Another pro of the new release was the new sticks of the X-Lite Pro version, where pilots could adjust the tension of the springs, which was missing on the younger versions of the radio.

The other features along with the detailed description can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

So what else is making X-Lite so good for DLGs?

While FrSky X-Lite still preserves the name Taranis in it, means that most of the features of the classic X9D are still in there.

Including an…


That’s a topic of a huge discussion around different software you can get with different radios on the market.

Many people find OpenTX too complicated, however, no one is arguing its features and flexibility.

And with a little bit of time, to study the initial setup you can do a lot with this software.


This is a third-party program for setting up your DLG / F3K (as well as many other F3 sailplanes), kindly provided for free by its creator Jesper.

It does 3 main things:

  1. Fades away the “so-called” complexity of the OpenTX by itself while providing an easy to use UI.
  2. Drastically simplifies the DLG model setup, starting from aligning of the control surfaces and finishing with the flight modes needed for a competition sailplane.
  3. Turns a Tx into a score measuring and keeping machine. Having all the official tasks built-in, pilots can practice all of them on the field. Using only a single radio in hands.

I highly recommend this program for all pilots who use OpenTX firmware transmitters.

There also are some huge discussion threads about this program on RCGroups, for each end every sailplane type, where pilots can ask their questions about the program to Jesper (creator) and get them answered quickly.

How to make X-Lite even better?

Now to the fun stuff.

Considering that FrSky X-Lite (all versions) has taken its place in the hands of RC pilots around the world, you can find a dozen of ready-to-use “upgrades” for it.

I.e. below, you’ll find a list of great things from Thingiverse that could make X-Lite more as you like it.

1. Neckstrap Hook

This was the first thing I’ve got for myself, before realizing that it’s not that comfortable to use this radio on the strap.

The coolest thing about it — the Tx fits into an original carrying case with this thing on easily.

2. Another Neckstrap Hook

This one looks a little “off” the overall Tx design compared to the previous one, however, should provide you with a better weight balance on the strap

A great addition for those pilots who can’t imagine flying w/o the neckstrap, if they are still up to X-Lite 🙂

3. Wind Streamer (Wind Indicator) & Magnet Holder

You can dig into the original description of this thing to get the idea of why and how to use the magnet for an RC plane.

The coolest thing for the DLG or other RC glider pilots is that you can stick a 3mm rod into this cover and create a wind streamer to find low thermals faster.

If you don’t need a wind streamer but find the magnet holder useful, here is another cover with a place for a magnet from the same author.

4. Gimbal Protectors

There is a lot of options on Thingiverse.

I’ve picked a few of my favourites.

5. Cheap Multiprotocol Module Case

If you are about to make your X-Lite working with multiple connection protocols without breaking the bank, check this out.

The link in the description of this thing contains a link to a $9 module from Banggood that you can put into a given case in order to connect it to your X-Lite nicely.

6. FrSky Taranis X-Lite Full 3D Model

Here is the creator’s bonus.

If you are about to create something for FrSky X-Lite, here is your base point.

I hope that all the resources in this article will help you to get the most out of your X-Lite, maximize its performance, and fly safely.

If you find this article useful or have something to add, please, share your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. This is why it so important with FrSky hardware that one buy from a reputable vendor who knows the technical short coming of the product. It is hobby retailers like Aloft Hobbies that first see these issues and have actually have the work arounds long before FrSky itself is even aware of the issue. So when I buy a FrSky product I expect that I will have to rely on customer service to bring the product to a level of functionality I expect.

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